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NIGP Awards: Chapter of the Year

NIGP sponsors an annual awards program to recognize outstanding achievement by NIGP chapters and chapter members. NIGP chapters are encouraged to apply for awards based on Service to the Profession, Service to the Institute, Membership Recruitment, Chapter Member Services, and Overall Operations.

Award Areas

Service to the Profession – The service to the profession area of the chapter awards program will document and reward efforts and accomplishments for advancing the profession and sustaining excellence in public procurement. Such efforts can be documented through initiating innovative concepts in the procurement process (i.e., e-procurement, cooperative bidding arrangements, best practices), monitoring & reporting pertinent legislation (i.e., chapter task force), participating in local chapter/industry trade shows, assist/collaborate with other NIGP Chapters, Host Chapter Purchasing Month activities, and encourage and support professional certification.

Service to the Institute – The service to the Institute area of the chapter awards program will document and reward efforts that an NIGP chapter, individuals or groups within the chapter framework have embarked on that directly support the mission of the Institute. Points in this category are awarded to chapters for sponsoring NIGP seminars, chapter offerings of professional development and networking opportunities, public display of NIGP national affiliation and participation in national Board and/or Committees and NIGP sponsored leadership training programs.

Membership Recruitment – The membership recruitment and support section recognizes and rewards chapters for their advocacy of membership in a professional trade association. Points are bestowed for recruiting new NIGP national and chapter members, persistent efforts in retaining existing members, efforts for reaching out to non-members and a written marketing plan that has measurable action items defined.

Chapter Member Services – The member services section rewards a chapter's efforts in providing services and opportunities for members representing various public procurement entities to meet regularly to discuss local procurement issues, obtain training, and secure resources and information of common interest to advance the procurement profession. NIGP chapter member services must demonstrate a strategic alignment and integration with NIGP member services.

Overall Operations – In the Chapter Operations Management section, Chapters earn points for their efforts in effectively managing and documenting chapter governance, and membership records. Chapters are rewarded for maintaining defined and documented board committee responsibilities and an all-encompassing strategic plan. Chapters can also earn points for participating in the national and chapter awards program and providing scholarship programs for the purpose of enhancing the levels of professionalism of those responsible for the effective, efficient and ethical expenditure of public funds.

Years VAGP HAS Won

The Extra Large Chapter category (created in 2014) represents chapters with 351+ members; the Large Chapter category is for chapters with 201-350 members; the Medium Chapter is for those with 101-250 members; and the Small Chapter category represents chapters with 100 or fewer members.


Year Chapter Award
2014 Extra Large Chapter of the Year
2013 Large Chapter of the Year*
2012 Large Chapter of the Year*
2011 Large Chapter of the Year*
2000 Large Chapter of the Year*
1999 Large Chapter of the Year*
1998 Large Chapter of the Year*
1994 Large Chapter of the Year*
1988 Chapter of the Year**
1984 Chapter of the Year**

The Chapter of the Year Award has been divided over the years based on chapter size, first into three and then into four seperate levels.
**Chapter of the Year was given prior to the first change, *Large Chapter of the Year prior to the second change.



Extra Large Chapter of the Year Award 2014

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